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(W205): Início de produção na África do Sul

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(W205): Início de produção na África do Sul Empty (W205): Início de produção na África do Sul

Mensagem por AEP Qui 15 Maio 2014, 16:42

Fonte: http://www.autoevolution.com/news/mercedes-benz-c-class-w205-starts-production-in-south-africa-81334.html

(W205): Início de produção na África do Sul 2cnv8tf

"Just a little over three months since the all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 started being manufactured in Bremen, it is now time for the second plant of the global production network to start production of the new “baby S-Class”, and this time it's not even on the same continent anymore.

Earlier today, the Mercedes-Benz plant in East London (South Africa) began rolling out the new C-Class, with the ones from Tuscaloosa/Alabama (United States) and Beijing (China) to follow in the next couple of months as well.

“We are ramping up our C-Class production as planned with the start of production in South Africa. Our youngest model is received very well by customers around the globe. The additional production capacities in East London are thus available at the right time to optimally serve the wishes of our customers.” said Markus Schäfer, Divisional Board Member Mercedes-Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain Management.

According to Arno van der Merwe, the CEO and Vice President Manufacturing at Mercedes-Benz South Africa, no less than 550 new jobs were created at the East London plant specifically for the production of the new C-Class.

As the plant in Bremen will remain in control of the global production – from the quality of production to the tooling strategy or the training of workers from the other plants – at least 200 employees from South Africa recently completed training in Germany.

Mercedes-Benz has had a continuous presence in south Africa since 1954, making the current W205 the fourth C-Class that is also manufactured in East London, just like the factory in Bremen".
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