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(BROCHURAS): W105/W128/W180

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The Powerful six-cylinder car

Straight away the impressive frontal appearance of the 219 betrays something of the latent power of its six-cylinder engine. This car, which combines the spaciousness of Type 190 and the advantages of a 92 h.p. six-cylinder engine, is particularly popular on account of its reasonable price and economical running costs.

Its steady roadholding and cornering ability, its efficient brakes and well-balanced springing put at your fingertips the whole range of its qualities right from its lightning start till it reaches its top speed of about 90 m.p.h. And thanks to the ample space for you and your luggage, you will feel free to sit back and appreciate its qualities to the full.



Elegance for the Connoisseur

The 220S... for all who see it this is a car of fascinating elegance, for all who drive it, a car of amazing technical qualities. The very first time you drive it, this speedy and spacious touring car gives you a feeling of relaxation and security. The swift acceleration of its 112 h.p. engine, its easy steering and the absolutely reliable servo-assisted turbo-brakes give you such confidence in your 220S that you can enjoy at your ease the charm of its spaciousness and comfort. And there really is something to enjoy here!...the moment you get in you feel at home, so carefully planned is the interior of the 220S, so luxurious and comfortable are the upholstered seats, which accommodate 5 or 6 people. These, together with the well-balanced springing, ensure your undisturbed enjoyment, whatever the speed of the car.
The elegance and ease of driving of a 220S are reflected in the instrument panel, beautifully encased in wood and designed with an eye to satisfying both aesthetic and practical requirements. The numerous instruments and controls are so clearly and conveniently arranged that they are always easy to operate.

220S Cabriolet:


for the motoring expert with individual tastesThis model can also be delivered as a coupé with the same interior appointments

...the 220S Convertible was introduced. This sporty touring car with its streamlined, elegant body and powerful 112 h.p. engine permits completely carefree travel for all lovers of open cars.  The tasteful interior offers every imaginable comfort to the fastidious motorist. The folding top can be easily and effortlessly closed, and the Convertible then has all the advantages of a limousine in cold or rainy weather. You will have particularly clear all-round vision: through the panorama windscreen which is made of safety glass, through both side windows, and through the wide rear window. In the standard design, there are two cozy, upholstered bucket seats or a bench-type seat at the front and an emergency bench which can be folded down at the rear. Upon special request, it is possible to install a comfortable bench at the rear, so that there is plenty of room for four or five persons. Performance, outline, and appointments all combine to make the 220S a striking car which arouses admiration at first glance.



The Touring Car for the Upper Class

The elegance, the sturdy construction and the ideal performance of this large and powerful touring car have claimed the admiration and recognition throughout the world. The 300 is so well-designed that you don't notice the effects of traveling at high speed. Today, driving the 300 is made even easier and safer by means of the standard built-in automatic transmission. For an extra charge the car can optionally be supplied with a 4-inch longer body and a correspondingly larger wheelbase. This design provides 5 1/2 ins. more leg room at the rear and is especially suitable for the installation of a partition with a pane which can be lowered between the driver's seat and the rear compartment.

The superlative comfort, quality and lasting value of the Mercedes-Benz type 300 Automatic have earned it international acclaim. Its superiority is amply confirmed by its elegant appearance which will not date in spite of changing fashions. To sum up, the Mercedes-Benz 300 Automatic can be described as a car whose performance, quality and solid workmanship will satisfy all those who demand the utmost luxury.

300S Cabriolet:

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